Youth Leadership Series



Figuring it out is hard enough, but with the added task of applying your best, most aware and present self to the world at large is a huge undertaking. Then, to top it all off, creating a habit of sound judgement while weighing multiple factors does not happen by mistake. The grading is more complex than, “plays well with others”, and “is a pleasure to have in class.” In this module, participants will internalize key lessons including; time and place, communication, decision making, working together, critical thinking, leadership skills and more. Suitable for multiple audiences and grade levels.


Health + Wellness

Free your mind and the rest will follow! This module takes participants through a guided in depth look into their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Together we explore personal triggers, and coping mechanisms with the goal of becoming more thoughtful responders, as opposed to knee jerk and reactionary. Building and maintaining healthy relationships, creating and sustaining positive systems of support, as well as daily self affirming activities are all covered here. Suitable for multiple audiences and grade levels.



W happens on the internet, stays on the internet. It’s a Vegas rodeo, for anyone with a smartphone and wifi. Methods have changed, but the messages are the same; both wonderfully vibrant and potentially confusing. Market approved catchy hashtags reduce full movements to quick and trendy easy to digest sound bites. The goal of this module is to decode the competing narratives, define and refine their personal brand and scroll safely while employing best practices. Suitable for multiple audiences and grade levels.



Who said it was easy harnessing your natural power and pointing in the right direction? In addition to a great resume, and a cover letter that’s not filled with jargon and empty verbs; this module also includes dressing for success, interview skills, public speaking, body language and navigating those tricky questions. The key here for the up and coming super-hero-student, turned career-powerhouse is to select cumulative and formative professional opportunities. Suitable for multiple audiences and grade levels.



Worthy causes, plus idle hands is easy math. Dive head first into a semester of hands on community service. Here, we put our energy to good use, forcing an alternative point of view in real time by engaging in volunteerism with a local and global impact. We make a living by what we get, we make life by what we give! Suitable for multiple audiences and grade levels.