Maria is a rare gem! Expect her to provide innovative and impactful leadership and programming.
— Naome J., Urban Arts Partnership

Happy Clients

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It is an absolute honor to work with Maria! I have learned so much from her.  She has the ability to assess, and build your strengths, while also helping to empower your weaknesses. As a leader, mentor and role model, Maria taught me the importance of showing up, being fully present, and maintaining my composure while exuding all due confidence. Maria is special to me especially during my formative years and as a continued professional. Definitely, expect Maria to be amazing, genuine, compassionate, discerning, and proactive in all things! 



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Maria showed me how to, not only manage a youth program and all its components, but how to also build a family in the process. Maria’s programs are meticulously structured and organized. She is unique and authentic in her fearless ability to deliver constructive feedback that genuinely builds the whole person – not just the pieces that are most beneficial to the organization. Maria’s aptitude to make people better translates effortlessly into her ability to make organization’s better. 

  • Marc


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Not only does she lead by example, but she allows room for growth, exploration, and failure while providing adequate guidance and scaffolding.Every interaction with Maria ignited a confidence in me that I never knew I had.  Maria taught me that I was special. She taught me to speak up even when I felt no one cared what I had to say. New clients can expect honesty and integrity from Maria. Her expert facilitation skills will grasp the attention of any audience while providing meaningful messaging. Expect her to provide innovative and impactful leadership and programming. Maria is a gem; a rare and invaluable resource!

  • Naome

    URBAN ARTS partnership

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Maria Frazier is one of the most efficient hard working leaders that I have come to know today.  Her program design is immaculate and what I return to and model my initiatives after, because it works so well! She is a strong advocate for personal strengths and growth, which make her a wonderful and consistent supervisor for the 10+ years I’ve known her. Maria is an excellent go to for all items in curriculum development and facilitation, and I always look to learn from her clean style and captivating personality! 



Maria’s leadership style is equal parts coach and visionary! She allows my students and staff to develop thoughts and ideas about the future, and effectively coaches them towards their goals, during both active programming and professional development sessions.
— Regina M., Saint Vincent Services
She leads people by first connecting with them on a human level and then working with them to uncover and optimize their best selves.
— -Marc S., CUNY School of Professional Studies
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I met Maria in 2005, she taught us everything about the college enrollment process, financial aid, student life and much more. During my senior year of high school, I was confused about life, not sure what my direction was and shed many tears. Maria was patient with me through my frustrations and guided me with an amazing patience! Not only was Maria a part of my high school years, but she also continued on as my mentor through college, and as I began my career. Going above and beyond is an understatement.   She extends herself beyond the traditional work hours to make sure you have an understanding of what you are going through, how to process it, and what's to come next. Literally, anything you need whether it's a care package, test taking tips, or resume writing, Maria will be there. I will forever be indebted for all that she has done for myself and my siblings.



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Maria became my leader and support as a new college advisor. What I enjoy best about working with Maria is the independence and support that was provided. Besides being a supervisor, she is a friend and role model in my life. Maria excels in program design and curriculum development. Her leadership style is organized, structured and cohesive. Under Maria’s leadership I learned how to use my skills efficiently, and to the benefit of my students. Through her supervision and commitment, I learned how to be efficient and ambitious. Maria created the program infrastructure and curriculum I use for all my classes, to guide my students through early college awareness, as well as major and minor benchmarks towards successful application, enrollment and matriculation. Maria’s vision is impeccable!  She is a true asset!



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One of the moments of great fortune in my personal and professional life was when D. Maria Frazier hired me to join her college access team. For the seven years that followed, I had the great privilege to call Maria, as I know her, my mentor. During that time, I learned from Maria’s youth development genius, extraordinary integrity, generosity of spirit, and incredible heart. Maria is an exceptional and mindful leader and I saw her inspire our team to be mission-driven change agents, even when resources were scarce. She develops a strong sense of community amongst those around her, and demands accountability with care, understanding and humility. Quick witted and always ready to lighten the mood with a funny quip or a knowing look, Maria is one of the most talented communicators I’ve ever met.  And above all else, Maria invites those around her to be who they are, and gives them acknowledgement and support when they take the opportunity to fill their space.



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I’ve known Maria Frazier since I was a sophomore in high school, it’s been 10 years since then and I still consider her near and dear to my heart. Throughout my high school and college career, Maria rooted for me and supported my evolution. She’s always been straightforward and nurturing. Those qualities are amazing when dealing with teenagers and young adults because she will tell you the truth and urge you to make decisions that are best for you. Maria is also a wonderful leader. She's been so instrumental in my growth when it comes to taking the reigns and leading other young adults. She makes it so look so easy to command attention in any room, so of course, I aim to embody even a little piece of that. Anyone who has had the pleasure of being in Maria's presence can definitely say she's impacted them in a positive way!


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